Wednesday, September 7, 2011

whirl wind

Oh My Gee!! Hello All You Wonderful People!!

I am so sorry that I have been MIA! It has been one CRAZY whirl wind. So lets play catch up.
So Thomas and I FINALLY found a church that we love! It is a baptist chuch here in Puyallup, called: Bethany Baptist. The church itself is beautiful! The people there are so nice and welcoming and beautiful as well. I can feel God's love there too. The nursery is so great too! Xavier loves it. I am able to check on him anytime while we are there. He is always having so much fun! We go to the Sunday school there and then we go to the 3rd service.

Also on a WODNERFUL news! Xavier is crawling!!! :) So Sunday, Aug 21st after we got home from church I set him on the floor and went to make lunch. He just like started crawling it was so awesome and I love it! I got a video so I will post videos and pictures so ya'll can see. As well as if your on my facebook you can see them all there too! So it has been so crazy, good & emotional. My lil boy is growing so fast. Time is literally FLYING by. Sunday he started crawling. Monday he was pulling himself up in the crib. Then he started trying to pull himself up everywhere.. which led to booboos :( But he is all good. He then started standing with one hand. It is so crazy! Then he turned 7 months on September 1st. I can't believe it.!
He should not be doing this til like 9months! The doctore always tells us how advanced he is but like I just can't get over it. Specially when I see other babies that are his age or around his age and I am always taken back bc is doing more than they can.

Also with time flying by it leads me to a roller coaster. It is awesome and amazing to see my son grow up and change literally daily. But it is sad because it is all happening so fast. Then there is the fact that as time flies by us... we are getting so close to having to say "good bye" to Thomas for 12-18 months. That i will be here doing work, school, a single mom. It is gonna be hard and I know we can do and will come out stronger but doesn't mean I am not wanting time to slow down til then and let us enjoy our time! Ya know...
Well I am also working full time. I am nannying for 2 families. So I watch 3 kids (including mine.) A lil girl that is so sweet and cute that is 5 months old. A lil boy that is adorable and he is 17months old. Then I have my son! I love childcare.. to be able to play and have fun and teach the kids new things. It is a wondeful feeling. Plus it does give my son socialization.

 Oh I also have School at Pierce College that starts Sept. 21st! I am excited and nervious all at the same time. Right now my classes are online. So trying to balance: being a full time mom and wife, working full time, gettting ready for school, working out, church, book club, craft club, house work..things have been pretty crazy.
I think I am finally starting to get a handle on it all :)

Well I hope everyone is doing fabulous! I am gonna go through and catcgh up on the blogs! Love you All!!

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  1. Wow! You've got your hands full. Congrats on finding a church, I know what a huge difference that makes :)


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