Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A peek on a update..

Hola My Beauties :)

Okay so I have been gone because things have been crazy and hell so I was not ready to share it even tho I needed to for the outlet.. ya know. So I am gonna explain the FAST SHORT version and then I will slowing come on and explain so you can understand more.. sound good???

Well As ya'll know my husband Thomas and I called it quits for sure in January of this year. He deployed and I went to Florida, aka my home, with my son. In May he was blown up in Afganistan so my son and I went back to Washington. To help him recover and heal. We also decided that we wanted to try again. However that did not turn out like either of us wanted to. I have not posted on here as to the reason why we decided to end it. I will soon but this is the short version. Well after things went down hill yet agan I told Thomas I was done. This was in July. I just could not keep trying. I was too scared. (again some of ya'll know why and understand the rest will understand when I explain more in details this week so try to hold of on the whole I am a bitch thing.) I moved to Colorado the end of August. My son stayed with Thomas at this time. So I could get a place and a job and get stable. This also gave them some father and son time since Thomas was deployed and all. This was the harded thing I have EVER done leaving my son. Now I cannot really go into a lot of detail right now without confusing the heck out of ya'll. Well Come the nend of September I went and got my son from his dad. And then I moved home to Florida which is where I am now.

To be Continued with more details....

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Long TIme No Talk Everyone....

So let me say I really miss writing but things have been hell and crazy and I was not sure how to even go about explaining everything that has been going on. My life is TOTALLY different and it is all well just insane. With everything has been going on I keep getting told that I need to write a book. HAHA well that is not gonna happen so this blog is my book and I need to make a new one and start fresh and then fill everyone one in on what has happened because I am sure none of yall unless you know me in real life and are close to me could even begin to guess what all has happened. Even when I was updating before I was not sharing everything so I am gonna start because I need to and want to so I can start healing and moving on in my life or myself and of course most of all my son. So Are ya'll still here? And are you ready for my crazy roller coaster that has been this year 2012 so far if so tell me bc I am bout to bust this can wide open. HAHA!
Yes I just went there and said that.