Sunday, November 20, 2011

Photography passion and some catch up....

Good Morning Everyone! Wow I have missed you all! I love reading ya'll updates every night as I drift off to sleep. :)
I do apologize for being so MIA but this deployment preperation is killing me. So much has been going on. I barely got time to smell the roses.
I have been really exploring with my photography. My son now has some awesome pictures that are adorable. I also just chopped my hair off :) hehe.
Let's see what else has been going on... My mom and mom in law came to visit. That was AWESOME! We had halloween. Xavier LOVED trick or treating. This week my mom and dad are coming to visit and we have THANKSGIVING!! My husband is leaving for training in 7 days. Then he will be home and we have Block Leave. Then he deploys for 12-18months. :(   I am working 2 jobs. And doing volunteer work. As well as we deicded that I am gonna move home during the deployment. So a across the country move from Washington State to Florida. And we got Christmas coming and my sons 1st birthday!
Time is flying by like CRAZY! My son is about to be 10months old! Like HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!
I also went through a VERY hard time recently.....
We found out I was pregnant.. then we found out I had lost the baby. I was 8 weeks along. I know it was God's plan. But it is still very devastating.

On this note I am gonna stop here. I will share some pictures.. hope to get lots of feedback :) Love you ALL!!


It won't let me upload the photoshoot pics I will try those later today. so keep a eye out!

Monday, September 19, 2011

CLEANSE! Pictures!! Quick Update!

Good Morning Everyone!!

Today is DAY 1 of my herbal cleanse! This is what I am doing:

Check it out if you are ever looking for a cleanse :) I am doing the peaches and cream flavor. It is a 10 day cleanse. I got a simple easy food guidline that helps loose the maximum weight and health. My mom is starting it too. We are very excited!! This is FDA approved so it is totally healthy for you. The average weight loss on this is 10pounds. But I know people who have lost 10-20 pounds! How awesome is that!

Well on another note! I start school this week. SUPER NERVOUS about that!

Ugh My family has been GO GO GO GO GO GO..... for weeks now. I am so tired! I can't wait to just be able to not do anything and just relax and be "lazy" for a few days. Hopefully that will happen soon.. ya think?

My baby boy is so big!! Almost 8months.. like WOW where did this time go.. seriously!

Here are some pictures From him last month.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

whirl wind

Oh My Gee!! Hello All You Wonderful People!!

I am so sorry that I have been MIA! It has been one CRAZY whirl wind. So lets play catch up.
So Thomas and I FINALLY found a church that we love! It is a baptist chuch here in Puyallup, called: Bethany Baptist. The church itself is beautiful! The people there are so nice and welcoming and beautiful as well. I can feel God's love there too. The nursery is so great too! Xavier loves it. I am able to check on him anytime while we are there. He is always having so much fun! We go to the Sunday school there and then we go to the 3rd service.

Also on a WODNERFUL news! Xavier is crawling!!! :) So Sunday, Aug 21st after we got home from church I set him on the floor and went to make lunch. He just like started crawling it was so awesome and I love it! I got a video so I will post videos and pictures so ya'll can see. As well as if your on my facebook you can see them all there too! So it has been so crazy, good & emotional. My lil boy is growing so fast. Time is literally FLYING by. Sunday he started crawling. Monday he was pulling himself up in the crib. Then he started trying to pull himself up everywhere.. which led to booboos :( But he is all good. He then started standing with one hand. It is so crazy! Then he turned 7 months on September 1st. I can't believe it.!
He should not be doing this til like 9months! The doctore always tells us how advanced he is but like I just can't get over it. Specially when I see other babies that are his age or around his age and I am always taken back bc is doing more than they can.

Also with time flying by it leads me to a roller coaster. It is awesome and amazing to see my son grow up and change literally daily. But it is sad because it is all happening so fast. Then there is the fact that as time flies by us... we are getting so close to having to say "good bye" to Thomas for 12-18 months. That i will be here doing work, school, a single mom. It is gonna be hard and I know we can do and will come out stronger but doesn't mean I am not wanting time to slow down til then and let us enjoy our time! Ya know...
Well I am also working full time. I am nannying for 2 families. So I watch 3 kids (including mine.) A lil girl that is so sweet and cute that is 5 months old. A lil boy that is adorable and he is 17months old. Then I have my son! I love childcare.. to be able to play and have fun and teach the kids new things. It is a wondeful feeling. Plus it does give my son socialization.

 Oh I also have School at Pierce College that starts Sept. 21st! I am excited and nervious all at the same time. Right now my classes are online. So trying to balance: being a full time mom and wife, working full time, gettting ready for school, working out, church, book club, craft club, house work..things have been pretty crazy.
I think I am finally starting to get a handle on it all :)

Well I hope everyone is doing fabulous! I am gonna go through and catcgh up on the blogs! Love you All!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

What a beautiful Day!!

Good Morning!

    I hope that everyone of you awesome followers that I have are having a great Saturday! I am so glad to see that I finally made it over 100 followers :D tht made my day SO much better! Thank you! I love all of your blogs and reading them... even when I can't or don't comment. For those of you that are new to my blog please leave me a comment, introducing yourself, as well as, leave me your url to your blog so I can make sure to come & check it out.
    So today was my first day with "Run To Remember" it is a group here, that meet every Saturday morning and we do run/walk for all the Fallen Soldiers, in their memory. Before we run or walk, we all get in a circle and have a moment of silence and pray and say who we run for. It is really nice and meaningful. Today my husband and I walked, as I pushed the stroller. Xavier's loved it. But then again he LOVES going for walks and being outside, just like his family! Here is a picture of him:

     I can't believe my son is 6.5 months old already! And we are close to Thomas leaving. Well I won't dwell on that. I am gonna jump off here & go play with my baby boy in this beautiful weather that we have in Washington today! Which is rare... have a great day! Love you All!! <3  God Bless!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Good Morning to All blog question

Is anyone else having issues leaving commnets on blogs??
Last night and today I have tried to leave comments on ya'lls blogs and when I do it tells me to pick a profile so I click on it nad proceed to leave the comment. When I do that it takes me to sign in so I do that. Then it goes and says ANOYEMOUS says::    but still tells me to sign in. I am totally lost here. I do not know what to do.. any ideas?? Or am I the only one :(

Happy Sunday to you all wonderful people!! :)

Day 6

I just completed day 6 of my Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. :)
I must say this: YES she kicks my but.. yes I do have to use the 5 second breaks a few times.
but I do LOVE it and I feel so much better and healthier.
It doesn't help that I have lost weight. Monday, which was day 1... I was 201.6. My last weigh in yesterday I was 197.4
Negative side I missed to days which totally blew. But it was because I got so busy with my son and husband and all the housework and all I just was not able to. I did burn calories cleaning and stuff so atleast it was not missed bc I just didnt want to do it or I was being lazy.

On another note I cannot believe that my son is about to be 6months. OMG! Where did my time go.. SERIOUSLY!  Which brings me to my next question for ya'll. He has gotten off his schedule due to vacation and being sick. Now bedtime is HORRID! We spend 2-3 hours fighting him to sleep. Help please.. any thoughts and or advice??


Monday, July 18, 2011


I hope that all of you awesome readers/bloggers are doing wonderful!!
Today was a big day for me!
As some of you know I have been having a hard time loosing weight since I gave birth 5.5months ago.
I was 240 when I went into labor. I have been stuck at 198-201. :( TOTALLY SUCKS!
So any tips you have would have on exercise or dieting. I HATE dieting. I have a very LARGE sweet tooth.
But anyways on to my BIG day. I started Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred.
Today was Day 1 it was hard and painful and tiring but I did it! I am excited about this and to see results!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I do not know what has happened but when I just logged on  see that i lost all the blogs that I follow. Are you kidding me! This is crazy! I am so mad! :(

So please comment and leave me your links to your blogs so I can refollow your blogs. Thank you!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hey Ya'll!

Good Afternoon Everyone!!

First off I really need to say a huge THANK YOU! To everyone who commented on my last post. It truly helped and meant a lot to me. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! 

I hope everyone had a FABULOUS 4th of July! But most of all a SAFE holiday! :) 
I came home from Florida on the 1st so we could celebrate with Thomas. Xavier LOVED the fireworks. We went over to a friends house and did a cookout and smores. The boys played video games. Lyssa and I played with the baby and hung out. It was a lot of fun and VERY much needed as well.

I cannot get over the fact that my son is 5months old. (5months & 2weeks to be exact) Where did all this time go. I am still trying to loose the baby weight. I gained 4 pounds on vacation. But I lost 5 pounds this week. YAY!! A huge help from:
If you are trying to loose weight PLEASE check this out! It is FREE and REALLY does help! 

I will post pictures soon. You won't believe how much Xavier has changed. Also while I was in Florida... I had my hair changed. It is now BLONDE and SUPER SHORT! The shortest I have EVER had it. But it was needed. 

New Me, New Chapter in Live, New Look.. right? l0l. :)

 I also found out I am now a size 14! I was a 16. So YAY! 2 sizes smaller. That is good. And Marilyn Monroe was a size 14.. so I am good with a 14. I love her! :) I am slowly.. VERY SLOWLY.. like turtle slow. Working on my confidence. :) It seems to work most days.

I also am working on making myself happy, as a person. Not just being a wife and mommy. I am looking for a job.. as well as going back to school. I got a appointment at the college here on the 18th to speak to a Councilor. Excited bout that! Hoping I can find a job soon. As well as find someone I trust to watch Xavier. 

Well that is all for now. 

God Bless!!! <3


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

down right now

Well I have been MIA due to I just hate being negative. But I am right now. I do not know what to. I am in Florida visiting family & friends with my son. I can't believe he will be 5 months in a few days. I am very happy to be here. I have missed them a lot. It is wonderful to introduce my son to everyone. However.. yes I miss my husband like crazy. But being married and being a mommy has cause me to loose a lot of my friends. So it is very hard. I also can not see everyone the short time I am here so that causes drama. Some of you know I struggle with depression. I hate having to take pills to be okay or NORMAL. Sometimes they help but sometimes not. Lately I am feeling worthless. I am find myself hating myself & my life. When I try to talk to those close to me.. I do not get the support I want or feel I need. I do not know what to do. I miss blogging. Hopefully getting back to it will help. I have been reading up on all ya'lls blogs. :) Which helps for a bit.
Well God Bless!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

curious about thoughts on this.

     Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you all had a fun and SAFE Memorial Weekend! 

     My hubby worked a 24hr shift Friday so Sunday was a easy day for us once he was off work.
Then Sunday we went to a church picnic and it was a lot of Fun! However Monday was my FAVORITE day of the weekend! Family time :) We took our dogs to the park they LOVED it! We even had a picnic in the park area outside the dog park. We walked around the lake.. the area is beautiful! 
After the park we came home and played Frisbee outback. I got some awesome pictures I will post probley tomorrow for wordless Wednesday. 
    I can't believe that my son will be 4 months old tomorrow. A lot of the time I am like I have to be dreaming.. What have I done to be this blessed. I have a wonderful family. Amazing husband and a even more amazing son! I do not know what I have done to deserve this. I swear I am dreaming. I just can't believe it! My husband is so great to me and our son. No he is not perfect nor am I. But he tries. He gets frustrated when Xavier cries bc he can't always tell what he wants. Where as me I can tell what each cry is. A friend of ours made a comment was a concerned with how Thomas is with Xavier b/c of Thomas short temper. But when Thomas gets upset he always tells me and says for me to take him to give him a break. He does not have a lot of experience with babies. In fact he is scared of them. l0l. But he tries and gets better each day. I think he is a amazing dad. He plays with him, changed diapers, helps me with anything I need. He lets me have mommy time. Just when Xavier is in a really upset mood and screams Thomas can't take it. But he knows his limits. Which is good so I do not worry. I know he could never harm a baby. But our friends are concerned. I do not know what to do. They are moving soon and I do not wanna ruin the friendship. They took me aside and talked to me alone. Thomas feels betrayed b/c they did not talk to them. I see and understand both sides. But I am not worried bout our son. Has anyone else had to go through something like this? I have worked with children my entire life. Thomas has not. He has to learn how to be a parent. I have a wonderful motherly instinct and connection and experience so yes I care for Xavier more than anyone. I mean the longest I have ever been away in the 4 months is a hour when I go to the gym. We have only had one time where Thomas called me saying Xavier was screaming and he tried everything a bottle, changing him, playing with him, etc but nothing stopped. He just wanted me as soon as I got home. (the gym is a few min away on post.) he calmed down. That is good. Anyone have thoughts or anything? Am I not being cautious bc my husband has a short fuse? Help please? Everyone else has noted he is great with our son. 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Help Bloggers

My followers are not showing up :( Why... help any thoughts or ideas?

Hoppity Hop!!

Stalk Hop Friday

New Look on my Blog..

Hey Everyone! Hope everyone has had a wonderful week. :)
So I got a new look on my blog.. what do ya'll think?

Friday, May 13, 2011

Monday, May 9, 2011

Catch Up Week!!!

Things have been VERY crazy! I have missed ya'll very much!! Have ya'll missed me???!!!??!?!?!

So this week will be all about playing CATCH UP! We celebrated easter and my hubby's 24th birthday!
I even had the BEST surprise ever!! His Mom flew in. It was shocked. I snuck off, picked her up from the airport, when we got home I put her in a box wrapped it up. Thomas opened her up when he came home from lunch. SHE WAS NOT IN THERE LONG Just like 5 min. No worries there.
My friend made a WONDERFUL cake. It looks just like one of the robots he uses on the bombs. For those of you who do not know, my hubby is a EOD tech, which means he works with bombs. Fun Right. L0L.
My son's favorite thing is to STAND UP. He is just now 3 months old crazy right.
Here are some pictures:

Well Hope you enjoy these pictures. Tomorrow will be MORE Catch Up :)
God Bless!