Thursday, May 31, 2012

Another Surgery & A House!

Good Evening Lovies!!

I got some new followers THANK YOU & WELCOME! :) That makes me so happy and warms my heart <3

Thomas is doing pretty good for the most part. His Dad and Step Mom came to visit this last week and they left Monday. Thomas had surgery on Tuesday and he is currently in surgery now as I type this. This one should be, as far as we know currently, his last surgery.


This makes a total of: 7 hospitals & 6 surgeries. He has 2 on his left leg for his femur that was broken & they had to put a permanent titanium rod in. Along with 4 surgeries on his right foot and ankle, they had to rebuild, using screws, plates, 'n nails. Which those are also permanent. 

On good news as well, we got a house. It will be on post at Ft Lewis or Joint Base Lewis McChord. Which is great. The house is a 3 bedroom and it already has the special needs that Thomas needs. I will see it tomorrow or the 7th when we actually move in. I do go to sign papers tomorrow. We are a bit excited for that.  Now the only down fall is we have no idea when we will be bringing our son up here as well as our belongings. It will cost at least 3,000 to get everything here. So we are scraping and saving everything we can to get our son here asap. Plus the house has to be set up for Thomas to come home so they can inspect it and make sure the wheel chair can get every where and it is all safe and handicap-able for Thomas. So hopefully we can get that money asap. This is a huge stress for us so Thomas and I are working together for a plan on it all. Which is great for us and where we stand at with our relationship. Plus he is done with all his surgeries here so in a few days I am sure they will move him. Question is to where.. We have been hoping that he will go to Good Sam a civilian hospital here, that has a great rehab center and they work with a lot of the wounded warriors.  We are hoping and praying they have a room for Thomas and are willing to take him on. 

 Well that is all of our lives right now. We miss Xavier so much.. I cry every single day being away from him. My family and friends are helping as much as they can and we thank them for it so much!!! We love you all for it! We also are so grateful for all the prayers and positive thoughts yall have sent for Thomas and our family. It truly truly means so very much to us!


Friday, May 25, 2012

Update & Comment Replies

Hello Lovies!

 I hope that everyone is having a good day/night and will have a wonderful weekend. :)  So I got some comments on my last post about my husband, that I would like to address.    
First of all: A HUGE thank you to all of ya'll who have been positive in replies about Thomas' recoveries and all the prayers and well wishes for him and me and us as a family. Thank you a million billion times.. We both cannot thank you enough. It warms our heart. We hope that God blesses you and all your loved ones. 
Second is the comments like:..

"So why is it you didnt bring him his son, if you two were going through problems he was the main one he probably wants to see most.."
     "Who would leave their child behind anywhere?!?!?!!?!?!!! when are you getting him back,how long has it been since you left him wit your family!?"

Tons of people from family and friends and strangers (like the ones who left the comments b/c they didn't sign a name so I hope you read this.) have asked this here is my answer and Thomas'
1. Thomas wants me here. yes he misses his son and cannot wait to see him again. 2. I miss my son like crazy being away from him it kills me. I was not even with him for Mother's Day okay. 3. Thomas does not want his son seeing him like this until he is better in shape. He is living in a hospital as am I, because I live in Florida and I have not been able to get a house here in Washington so I live at the hospital and care for Thomas 24/7. Do you really think that having a 16month old in the hospital would be right? Or having him see his father like this instead when he is able to even get out of bed and his pain is controlled and not in such chronic pain?  The family members that have came to see Thomas understand when they get here why Xavier is with my family in Florida. He is with my family for goodness sake. He is SAFE and HAPPY, being a NORMAL kid. He is spending time with my family. He has not gotten a lot of that til I moved home and with me coming up here to care for Thomas and us seeing how this is gonna go he will be away from my family so this time with them is good for him. He is able to play and have fun. It kills us ever day we are away from him but we call and talk to him and exchanged pictures. He is not in a bad place or anything.  So please take your negative comments else where! If you do not understand what it is like to have a family member be hospitalized and need constant care then you can't understand why we are away and do not have our kid with us. Once I have a house and can set up a home he will be with us again.

Now, to answer the other comments about Thomas and mine relationship.. we are not totally sure. Right now our focus is Thomas healing. We are still in love.. that was never a issue with us it was other things.. and being together again like this well causes a new look on things yes but it is complicated and I am not in the mood to go into all that details. I hope that helps a bit. 

Now Update on Thomas:
His surgery was FOREVER long yesterday. and FYI this is his 7th hospital since his accident and his 4th total surgery. He has 2 for his left femur and now 2 for his right ankle and foot. His next surgery is hopefully Tuesday if his swelling is down. He has 2 or 3 more left.. my poor Thomas. Last night or technically early morning Thomas got the worst pain he has ever had in his life. We fought with trying to control that all night. Finally today they took him down to pre op and re did his nerve blocks that they have in his leg. It was helping for a few hours and then all of a sudden it stopped working so the last few hours we have been fighting to get it controlled again. It went from a 10 to a 8 so he finally is able to meditate and fall asleep. Thank goodness so he is sleeping. That is great! He is snoring too so I know he is getting some  good sleep. Now I am gonna jump off here and go try to get some sleep myself. 

Thank you everyone again for all the positive! I really do love all of yall and my blogging friends too!!
Have a Blessed Day/Night! 


Fill In The Blank Friday


1.  The best surprise ever would be, to have a vacation set up and planned for me. like Hawaii or Costa Rica or something Rome or Ireland, for me and my family to go and explore and enjoy.

2.   The moments when Thoams and I got to be with our son just him and me  is my most favorite memory .

3.  The hardest, but most worthwhile thing I've ever done was  moving across the country to meet Thomas for the first time  and get married and start a family but also have it be a military family.

4.  The best part of my day is  normally it is the evening when I am home from work and I can cook and play with my son and spoil him. 

5. Something I like that most people don't is   fried pickles.

6. Something I am willing to fight for is    my faith.

7.  Something you might not know about me is   that I love horses and doing and competing in barrel racing.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

My husband got hurt MY world is changed forever! Update!!!

Hello Everyone!! 

Okay I am FINALLY back. I have missed you all so much and I am super excited to be back into my blogging. I have so much that has happened but I am gonna kinda just dive in. 

Some of ya'll know that Thomas, my husband, and I were having MAJOR issues. He deployed in January. a few months before he deployed we have decided to become separated and go through with a divorce. I moved our son, Xavier, and myself home the same day that he deployed. I traveled back to Florida from Washington State. It was fun, tho I kinda took my time and made it so Xavier and I enjoyed it. We visited friends along the way. My son also turned ONE YEAR OLD! OMG WHERE DID THE TIME GO RIGHT! 
Well I moved home and had family drama. Not really gonna go into that. Then I started working and then I finally moved out of my parents. I lived with, okay this is confusing so read carefully.. I moved from my parents house, because of a huge stupid fight, to go live with my best friend, Becca's husband. They were going through a divorce at the time and he invited me to stay with him and their daughter. Then I FINALLY moved into my own apartment. WHOOT WHOOT right?? I was so excited my OWN place. And I got to pick out the carpet and toilet and tile for it. Yes I was excited about picking out a toilet. l0l Okay that was the short version of my year. I was getting set up for my own, enjoying being home and supporting myself and yes I struggled but I loved it. I was surrounded by my annoying and loving crazy family and friends. I enjoyed work and school and my son and being a single mom. I had a plan and I was going for it.
Thomas and I had made peace on trying to get along and be friends and ready to file for divorce when he came home from deployment. Okay that was Jan til May. 

Then My whole world was turned upside down and I had my world stop turning..

YES! My world STOPPED! 

It was May 8th at 8:04am.. my phone rang... I was still in bed. I heard it and I looked over and it was blocked.. my brain said: Blocked? hmm can't be Thomas because his comes up as Thomas (he had a Afghanistan cell phone) or it came up a 9999 and so on number. I rolled over and went back to bed before I had to go to work. I got all cozy under the covers and started falling back to sleep... then my phone went off again so I am like contemplating on rolling over, finally I did so I look and see it says BLOCKED again.. I am like Really ppl.. so I answer, still half asleep. and here is the conversation:
 I say "Hello?" Then on the other end I hear Thomas, my husband, who in case you forgot is deployed... he is upset.
 He says, " Hey did I wake you?" 
Me: "Yea but it is okay, how are you hun?":
Him: "I'm coming home" 
Me: "Haha that is not funny Thomas"
Him:"I am not kidding"
Me:" Your joking, right, please tell me your joking?"
Him: "No Lauren"
Me: "Thomas for them to send you home means you are hurt!!??"
Him:"Yes, I got hurt"
Me: " Thomas this is not funny, don't joke"
Him: "Babe, I got hurt.... (he then explained what was broken)
As he spoke I heard I got hurt and I flew out of bed and started panicking, I could not breathe and started crying and freaking out. My world stood still. That moment I became so unstable I can't even put into words. 
He was blown up from a IED. He broke his Left femur (leg bone from hip to knee the strongest bone in the body), his tailbone, and shattered his right ankle and foot. 
He called me after he had emergency surgery in Afghanistan.
This call was on Tuesday. He came back to the states on Saturday. I met him here in Washington State. He has been in the hospital since and had 3 surgeries. Actually he is in surgery as I am typing this. I rushed back to his side. Our son is in Florida with my family. Thomas is lucky and blessed.
This is long so I am gonna stop here. Any questions or anything I can answer or anything you want to know? I will tell you if you leave it as a comment. I will write again soon. I love you all!! and I LOVE COMMENTS! :)