Thursday, June 28, 2012

Where do I begin

Well first of all we finally got our Internet so I don't have to fight to get service to blog. Yay because boy have I missed y'all.
There is so much that has happened and going on now and to come I a so over whelmed. I really wanna blog about it. 1 to get it off my chest. 2 for advice and comments.
My plan is to post a blog every day. Now I a not sure if it will be a normal blog or a Vlog. I did not really get much feedback on my Vlog. Did you like it? Was it a nice and good change from me writing or do you prefer my writing.
I really hope you all know that I really really like your feedback. :).
Well I finally feel a little better after writing what I have. So I am gonna go to bed and I will write again tomorrow so check back :)
Also I am looking for pen pals. Like actually mail box pen pals and online groups to join. Anyone know any please let me know. Thank you so much.
God bless!!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

VLOG!!! Thomas is out of the hospital

Okay so I made a bucket list recently, I plan to blog out that soon, but one of the things on my list is to VLOG... so I did it. It is not the best quality as it is my first time so sorry. But What do y'all think? What are your thoughts on Vlogging period? Have any of you tried Vlogging? 

Ok well here it is...

Also here is a funny video of Thomas from Thursday: 

Here is a video of is LEFT foot.. from working on walking and all.. remember he broke his LEFT femur. and the right foot is still in a cast and healing from 4 surgeries because he shattered it. 

Here is a video from right after his 2nd surgery from when he first started to relearn to walk. This was a few days after his surgery that was on Mother's day.

Hope you guys like these!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Jumping on the Bandwagon for Loving Wednesday

Hello Fellow Bloggers!
I love seeing these post on the blogs that I follow, as well as, I find new awesome blogs! So I figure I will participate and jump on the bandwagon :) 

I will be linking up over at:

HERE is what I'm LOVING about Wednesday!

I'm LOVING that in a few days my husband will be discharged from rehab & the hospital.

I'm LOVING we will be united with our son this weekend <3
(this was taken the last few weeks he has been with my sis :) )

I'm LOVING our new house, which will soon turn into a home. 

Other things I am LOVING:

-My new hair style, cut, color.
-My new Shampoo (it is made to help my hair stay blonde)
-New MINI straighter (LOVE this for my bangs.)
-Duct Tape flowers. My friend lyssa made some and they are super cute! 
Check out her page at:  Flower Creations

Well I hope y'all like this. What do you love this week? 
And Thank you to anyone that is new to following.
 If you are new following, let me know Ill check out your blog too! 

Have a Blessed Day! 
 Xoxo Mrs. L.A. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New hair & Hubby Update :)

Hey Hey! 

Hope all of you are doing well. So it has been hard for me to get on here because our days are busy. 
Thomas was accepted to Good Sam for rehab and we came here last week. WHOOT WHOOT! 
It has been great he has improved so much! They have him doing 3 hours of therapy a day, sometimes more. But he has been doing amazing! I hope post pictures or video soon so y'all can see him and all his improvement these last 5 weeks since he was hurt. 
Also in AWESOME news.. tomorrow my parents hit the road from Florida to come here in Washington State. Which means Saturday night or early Sunday morning they will be here. So DING DING! OUR SON WILL BE HERE AND HE WILL BE HERE FOR FATHER'S DAY! BEST GIFT EVER RIGHT :) 
Thomas and I are super excited! Right now I am smiling SO BIG and have watery eyes because I miss him so much! 
Also we can start to put our house together and make it a home. I will also post pictures of that soon as well. 
Or you can check ot my facebook, I have the button for that on my page here so you can find it. But I have updated and pictures your welcome to check out. 
Thomas gets released from rehab to go home Friday at Noon. YAY! 
So a few more days left before we can start getting back to a routine and being a family. 

On another note... 
What are your thoughts on vlogging? I have never done it. Not sure why but kinda wanna try it but I get shy.. seems fun and you get to see the person behind the writing. What are your opinions? Have you tried them, do you like it?

Here is a picture tho: I got my hair done and i Love it. I still have the half and half with the brown underneath and super blonde on top and I added red to it and bangs. It is a lot of fun because I can change the bangs style and I can change the look of the red like where it sits. I mean look at the pictures everyone seems to love it. I am not being told I look like Leah off of teen mom. but I think she is pretty so I am ok with that. What do you think about it? I am gonna add more red to it when I go in next month for the root touch up. I think I finally found a hair stylist here that i LIKE and does my hair like I want it. FINALLY after 3.5 years. 

HEHE! Cookie Monster!