Saturday, October 30, 2010

Am I crazy for caring?

Not sure what to title this blog so forgive me L0L :)

This is my current status on Facebook which I decided to post this blog:
Gotta Love Random calls from "people or so called friends" that toss you to the side from someone new HAHAHAHA!!! That made me laugh so hard this morning.. But it's ok b/c Baby your worth more to me than that Bs!!!!! Love you Thomas Shane Akin!!!!

So I am very over protect of my hubby, He is a amazing man that will literally do anything for anyone else, even if it hurts him or anything. And if your a friend of his it is crazy b/c he is just a nice guy. 
He has this friend, a best friend, that he grew up with. He is even stationed where we are, small world huh. Well this guy recently has been pushing my buttons. My husband does so much to keep the friendship and the friend is always like I love ya bro, blah blah. Well My hubby doesn't like getting drunk all the time or going to strip clubs like his friend. My hubby is a family man and not a party animal I guess to say.

Well He was over at my house with my hubby while I was on vacation like every day. Well I have been on for 2 weeks now. We have not seen or heard from this friend. We found out it is b/c of a new girl in the picture. Which he says every girl is so important to him. This guy is like 22 or 23 years old. Anyways I am mad at him bc he used my friend for sex when I was in town, and they even had sex in my house, in my son's nursery after my husband went to bed. I went off b.c it is my son's room. My friend likes this guy and he just used her. He woke her up and everything like WTF! I do not understand how some can do that.

Well he's dropped off the face of the earth to my hubby until this morning, we get a random call and he is like I miss you bro and blah blah blah... tell lauren I love her.. blah blah crap right. 
He won't eve nsay sorry to be for having sex in my house. He think it is ok b/c it was not in my son's crib.. um hello!! it is still his room!! And the bed that family sleeps on when they come to visit.. UGH! Plus when this friend lived with us earlier this year we told him no sex in our house, so why would he think I would be okay with it now?? 

Am I crazy for getting upset? I am pregnant so the hormones do not help.. would you be upset?
Also am I crazy for not like it when friends of my hubby's do not treat him so well, or drop him to the side for someone new. My hubby n I never do that to ppl.


'Thanks for listening?

Love Always,
Mrs. Lauren Akin


  1. No I dont Blame you at all for being really pissed. Thank you for becoming a follower on my blog. Please check to see if you have reply to email set up on blogger. if you dont know how i do have a post about it and it has a link to a place where you can get step by step instructions look for the lable "followers" in my lables list and it will take you straight to the post :)

  2. Uhh that is just gross. I would definitely be pissed.

  3. You have a right to be mad, if that guy was/is your husbands friend he should've not had sex in your house.


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