Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ugh Washington!!

So I would NEVER live here on my own will. I absolutely hate it here! I am a Florida girl. I need SUNSHINE for longer than a few min at a time. I love the outdoors but it is hard to enjoy it when it is always WET! My son is only 2months old, I can't take him out in the cold and rain.. so we get stuck in doors. WHICH BLOWS! I want to workout and loose this baby weight.. which means being active not being stuck in doors. Yes it helps that we have a wii and a xbox kinect. But I would so much rather be outside plays tennis, walking my son in his stroller, playing at the park with my family & dogs. Now playing video games in doors trying to find things to do to be active. I like going to the gym but not all the time. That means I have to be away from my son. Plus it is not good to do the same stuff because your body gets used to it. I am sorry to complain. It is worth living here to be with my amazing husband and to have the friends that I have made here. But I really hope we pcs somewhere else sooner rather than later. 

Anyways on a good note is I can't believe my son is 2 months old!! It is crazy! Where has all this time gone. He is doing pretty good with the transition to his crib finally. He slept in his room in his bed til 5am this morning. Today tho he is so fussy with gas pains :( I gave him gas drops. He is a stinky baby tho. l0l. He has his 2 month check up on Friday, April 1st. Which showed he was very good. He has a big head tho.. 85-90% for his head circumference for his age group. He was 12pounds 2ounces which put him at 50% of weight for his agre groups. and he was almost 23.5 inches which made him in the 70% for height in his age group. I will post 2month pictures soon when I upload some from this weekend. 

A even better note is tomorrow is Thomas and Mine 2 year wedding anniversary! I can't believe it! We have been through so much. We have fallen in love more and more, become stronger, and of course had some amazing times! We are so excited for the many many more years to come :) 

Also this month is his Birthday!! My mommy's birthday!!! My best friends birthday!! Easter!! It is just so much fun this month! And the month I actively workout and get this weight off!! 


  1. I aboslutely hate it here too!!! Hopefully it will get better this summer!!

  2. Great post..wishing things will be great:)

  3. I'm on the opposite side of things. I'm in New Mexico and I love, love, love it and would never leave. But my husband has decided not to re-enlist and will not live anywhere not named Wisconsin. I hate it there (where we grew up) so I'm figuring I will end up with more depression problems...again. And speaking of Ft. Lewis my cousin is stationed there. :)

  4. You can either go to the Pinterest website and request one. Or--if you leave a comment here with your e-mail address, I can send you one.

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