Friday, May 27, 2011

Help Bloggers

My followers are not showing up :( Why... help any thoughts or ideas?


  1. Same there here too!!! Its not even putting up my button so people can follow my blog!!! =(

  2. There is definitely a GFC hitch going on all over the internet!

  3. Google friend connect has been down and up for days. It is happening to everyone at one point or another. Don't do anything, lol! I know one person who deleted her GFC thinking it was HER and she lost ALL her followers. I think I'd cry. So just let it be. It will (hopefully) be back soon!!
    I love your blog BTW!! I am a new follower from Feed Me Friday!! I followed you everywhere I could!
    I hope you will come visit me as well! I love new followers!!

  4. I found your followers and I am a new public follower here from Stalk Hop Friday. It's fixed. Blogger was having another issue is all. Sorry I’m late. Nice blog. I would appreciate you following back I would also appreciate if you would like me in facebook and in twitter @DeniseLillaRose. I always follow back. Just leave me a note so I know you stopped by.

  5. I guess something wrong with the blogspot...some don't show the comment section..hope this will be fixed soon:)


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