Thursday, May 31, 2012

Another Surgery & A House!

Good Evening Lovies!!

I got some new followers THANK YOU & WELCOME! :) That makes me so happy and warms my heart <3

Thomas is doing pretty good for the most part. His Dad and Step Mom came to visit this last week and they left Monday. Thomas had surgery on Tuesday and he is currently in surgery now as I type this. This one should be, as far as we know currently, his last surgery.


This makes a total of: 7 hospitals & 6 surgeries. He has 2 on his left leg for his femur that was broken & they had to put a permanent titanium rod in. Along with 4 surgeries on his right foot and ankle, they had to rebuild, using screws, plates, 'n nails. Which those are also permanent. 

On good news as well, we got a house. It will be on post at Ft Lewis or Joint Base Lewis McChord. Which is great. The house is a 3 bedroom and it already has the special needs that Thomas needs. I will see it tomorrow or the 7th when we actually move in. I do go to sign papers tomorrow. We are a bit excited for that.  Now the only down fall is we have no idea when we will be bringing our son up here as well as our belongings. It will cost at least 3,000 to get everything here. So we are scraping and saving everything we can to get our son here asap. Plus the house has to be set up for Thomas to come home so they can inspect it and make sure the wheel chair can get every where and it is all safe and handicap-able for Thomas. So hopefully we can get that money asap. This is a huge stress for us so Thomas and I are working together for a plan on it all. Which is great for us and where we stand at with our relationship. Plus he is done with all his surgeries here so in a few days I am sure they will move him. Question is to where.. We have been hoping that he will go to Good Sam a civilian hospital here, that has a great rehab center and they work with a lot of the wounded warriors.  We are hoping and praying they have a room for Thomas and are willing to take him on. 

 Well that is all of our lives right now. We miss Xavier so much.. I cry every single day being away from him. My family and friends are helping as much as they can and we thank them for it so much!!! We love you all for it! We also are so grateful for all the prayers and positive thoughts yall have sent for Thomas and our family. It truly truly means so very much to us!



  1. I am so glad that y'all were able to get a house! :)

  2. I am sooooooo happy for you that you got a house! That will be one more step towards having life be a little more normal. Once you know where you will be, please email with the address so I can send you a house warming gift!! (I will remind you when you tell us you are moved in, because I know your life is crazy busy!)

    This is such wonderful news! I am grinning from ear to ear. I want you to know you may have a few more visits than usual, as I included your blog in "My New Favorite Blogs" post today. I hope that everyone can feel the honesty, love and grace under fire that I see when I read your words!

    If you want to read what I wrote about you and other military wives, you can check it out at

    I am hoping today brings all of the help and hope that your little family needs!


  3. I am glad to here that he is recovering well and happy that you were able to find a place to live there!

    How wonderful it is that you have this "second chance" together to work on your relationship, I do hope that everything will work out.

  4. Your new home is awesome. You have been an amazing wife and sacraficed so much being away from Xavier. I wish I could see his face when he is reunited with both of you. What a happy day. Can't wait to visit. Take care of yourself now and then. :) Love you
    Julie Akin
    the step mom :)


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