Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Fun Crazy Life! But It is my life!

Good Afternoon!

I love my crazy hectic life! I love schedules and I guess that I kinda have one. But even tho it is crazy, and exhausting, I am excited about so much! I am finally on the road to get back to school. I have yet again changed my mind about my career. I am now gonna work on becoming a psychologist. :) I am STOKED about it. I am so glad to be back in our church here. Bethany is a amazing church, with so many awesome people. I have missed them very much! :) It feels great to be back. 
Xavier is growing so fast! I LOVE that he is finally giving real hugs and talking so much. As well as he is giving kisses... with pucker and all. When he randomly comes up and gives me a hug or a kiss I LOVE it. It MELTS my heart every time. 
Thomas finally got a knee scooter. He is getting around easier. Which is really good. He can't wait til the 18th to get his ex-fix off. His family is supposed to be visiting sometime soon. Just not sure about the dates soon.
Also I am excited to be going and visiting a friend next month. 
I also have started my crafting again. It is not as much as I want with everything else going on but it is a start which is better than before which was nothing at all. It is even me learning new crafts. 
Also I have been cooking and baking more and trying new recipes. I LOVE it! I have a passion for those things so it is great to be back into them. 
I also have been working out and I feel so good and feel amazing! I am sore but I do not mind it. I like feeling sore. I am finally starting to see a difference. I am seeing definition slowly but surely coming back in my tummy.. if only I could get this baby pooch to tighten up. I am trying to avoid surgery for it but if I get my abs back and still have it I will get a tummy tuck. But luckily I just need a mini tuck. Which the only thing that scares me about that is the scar. Some of them I have seen are not so good and I don't want a bad one. 
Now if only my thighs will start to tone more and get the cellulite gone. That is my biggest thing. I wanna wear shorts and skirts but i hate my  thighs. But I know I just gotta stick with it because I can see the definition coming back in them. It is just slow. 

Well that is all I wanna share for now. Thanks! 



  1. Glad to hear so many things are going well!

    If you want to guest post a favorite recipe, on my blog, I would love that. Since I am having surgery next week I am getting guest posts lined up ahead of time.

    The details are on my blog at on the Want To Be Me? Post.

    Keep up the great forward momentum your whole family has! I loved reading about the kisses!

  2. Congrats on your fitness, I saw your pictures and you look great! I was actually looking up exercises for my little "pooch" earlier today and I found this great blog post (
    After my son was born I learned that I could get my upper abs to stay toned just by keeping them tensed up when I'm walking. It sounds crazy, but it works!


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