Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How come my feelings are inadequete????

Is it really to much to ask that my feelings be taken into consideration. I know that everyone else has their problems & issues. And I try very hard to be there and take them in and help them if I can or just to listen to them so they feel better. So why is it that i cannot get the same in return. I mean EVERY time I say something is bothering me or whatever I get well try having this or this. Yes I am VERY blessed with my life. I am also VERY grateful for what I have as well. I know that things could be worse for me. But does that really mean that my problems or feelings are inadequate now?????
Like do they really mean less because of what you are specifically going through and dealing with??
I hate feeling this way. I really wanna just run away. All of this BS I am going through is LITERALLY sucking the life out of me and I have to FIGHT HARD EVERY SINGLE DAY to stay positive and be happy.
This is not how things are supposed to be or how I even want to be.

I really feel quite alone and that I do not have anyone to talk to and lean on. So much is crumbling around me and I am trying to be strong and positive for myself and the ones close to me. But that is so very hard when I cannot be honest with my family or friends.

I have changed a LOT since I was in school. I am not that person. So I am tired of being judged for who I was then. People really should remember that NO ONE is perfect. and that people do change. No one should be judged because  we do not know everything that someone is going through...
This is why when I am out and someone is mean to be I have to "Kill them with kindness." I mean think bout it what good does it do to be rude and mean to them back? You have no idea what they are going through. We all have trials we are dealing with. Sometimes we need someone to be kind to us.

I am not perfect so I do not always do this by any means. But I do try hard to follow this because I believe that is how we should treat others. But yet.... it is so hard to not be treated this way and to feel like what I feel or want is worthless.


  1. Girl keep your head up and remember I am always around to talk. I constantly check my facebook you can send me a message on there I can text and talk on the phone whenever really.

  2. what happened to your best friend to lean on?

  3. I know this response is finding you a little late... and you are quite far away now... but I will always be here for you! You absolutely are correct, it is no way to live your life fearing that if you voice your feelings you'll be criticized. Everyone has trials, just like you said, no matter how perfect their lives are. You have every right to want to be able to voice how you feel and what is bothering you! Love you!


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