Saturday, June 16, 2012

VLOG!!! Thomas is out of the hospital

Okay so I made a bucket list recently, I plan to blog out that soon, but one of the things on my list is to VLOG... so I did it. It is not the best quality as it is my first time so sorry. But What do y'all think? What are your thoughts on Vlogging period? Have any of you tried Vlogging? 

Ok well here it is...

Also here is a funny video of Thomas from Thursday: 

Here is a video of is LEFT foot.. from working on walking and all.. remember he broke his LEFT femur. and the right foot is still in a cast and healing from 4 surgeries because he shattered it. 

Here is a video from right after his 2nd surgery from when he first started to relearn to walk. This was a few days after his surgery that was on Mother's day.

Hope you guys like these!


  1. What a wonderful treat to be out of the hospital and have your son with you for Father's Day!

    The videos were good. It is great that you are having snuggle time and goofy time! Still praying for you!

  2. Your vlog was so good! :) I've always wanted to try it myself, so after watching yours, maybe I'll give it a shot. Thomas is looking so good, so happy he is progressing the way he is!

  3. I'm so glad that Thomas is out of the hospital and that your son is home with you! What a wonderful Father's Day.

    I am glad that you guys are working things out and sticking together. It's so hard to find a good guy. :)

    I can't watch the vlog right now, but I will check back as soon as we're done moving.


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