Thursday, June 28, 2012

Where do I begin

Well first of all we finally got our Internet so I don't have to fight to get service to blog. Yay because boy have I missed y'all.
There is so much that has happened and going on now and to come I a so over whelmed. I really wanna blog about it. 1 to get it off my chest. 2 for advice and comments.
My plan is to post a blog every day. Now I a not sure if it will be a normal blog or a Vlog. I did not really get much feedback on my Vlog. Did you like it? Was it a nice and good change from me writing or do you prefer my writing.
I really hope you all know that I really really like your feedback. :).
Well I finally feel a little better after writing what I have. So I am gonna go to bed and I will write again tomorrow so check back :)
Also I am looking for pen pals. Like actually mail box pen pals and online groups to join. Anyone know any please let me know. Thank you so much.
God bless!!!!


  1. Glad to see you back. I think v-blogging has its place in sharing special moments or events, but in general I think writing has several advantages:

    1) it is easier for readers to make comments when they can go back and find the exact wording of something that was said that they want to comment on.

    2) for a lot of people, it is harder to say things out loud, when the subject is difficult or emotionally raw, and so writing oftentimes allows a deeper level of self honesty.

    3) v-blog posts, unless they are videos of an event, oftentimes end up either sounding scripted or rambling. If someone is going to write a script and read it, generally I would rather simply read what they wrote.

    These are not specific to your posts, v-blog or written, but my general experiences with other blogs that extensively or occasionally use videos. I think it is really a matter of personal preference, and you are smart and talented enough that you will make great choices for how you handle your blog.

    For the record, it was great to see both of you in the videos, especially how you relate with each other, in the first one!

  2. I will email you my address after Rob and I move in August.

  3. I would like to pen-pal with you. I'll send you my address in a bit. I haven't had a pen-pal since I was 15 or 16 and I think it would be seem like a pretty cool person. :)

    I never did get a chance to watch your Vlog, I only just got the internet back. I could read on my phone but I couldn't watch the I don't have any feedback atm.


I Love getting feedback from you guys! Good or bad. Because without ya'll this blog would not be a success!
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