Sunday, November 28, 2010

It is Sunday!!!

Well.... I have been reading everyone else'e update :] even if I have not commented... It has been pretty crazy. I have been super sick :( Lame I know right.... 
Our Thanksgiving was good. We went to our friend Lyssa's house and hung out with her & her kids. It was a lot of fun. Top it off we had a white Thanksgiving!! I will show some pictures later on. 
My hubby left this morning at 0600.. but even tho I miss him like crazy and its only been 5 1/2 hours.. it is a short training (6 days) that is nothing.. He has a long training coming up about the time of my due date and then we have the 12-18month deployment coming up as well so 6 days is like nothing... 
Plus I am staying busy.. :] Today I am at Lyssa's. Hanging out... making sugar cookies, gonna watch Sex & The City 2 :].. sloppy joes for dinner.. 
I also have my hubby's deployment blanket to work on and finish. I have cleaning n organizing to do so I can do my Christmas decorating. Gonna go buy the tree so when my love does come home we can decorate it :) My check up on the baby is Wednesday. And I have to go either Wednesday or Thursday and get My baby's Christmas present... (I can't say what it is on here bc he is a follower..l0l) as well as I will have to wrap it so he can't snoop l0l.. :) So see tons to stay busy on to make this week go by fast!! 
So what does everyone else have going on this week? 

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  1. Thanks so much for being a follower! :) I am following too!, I'm excited to learn more about you as we go through our journey as a military spouse.

  2. a white thanksgiving? i'm's just freezing cold here...but no snow



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