Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Updates on crocheting with pics :), baby!, & Life...

Well I have not updated in like.. a week.. My bad.. things got really hectic.

Does any of you girls have any tips on nails.. I am growing my mine out finally.. but they are so soft and bendy.. any ideas so that they get harder and I can actually grow them out? Let me know please :) 

My MIL (Mom in law) came to visit for the last week. It was a lot of fun! :) We wish she could of stayed longer.
She left earlier tonight. She came in to visit since we have not seen her in a while & with the pregnancy we are not going to visit anyone for the holidays, not allowed to travel 8 weeks out or so. She was also here for my Baby Shower in Washington!
Me & My Mom In Law sporting our sashes. Mine - Mom to Be Hers - Grandma To Be ( but she is called Nana l0l)

My awesome girl Cammi & I at my shower here in Washington (she though the shower for me)
I had one baby shower with my side of the family and my long time friends from home last month. My parents flew me home for it and everything.. which was nice b.c I had not seem my family or friends or home for over a year. But My awesome new friends here in Washington threw me a awesome baby shower. I could not believe that they would do that. I am always so surprised to have friends that do things, that they do not have to, for me.

I have also been crazy busy on Thomas' deployment blanket. I have 35 hours put into making it now and I have so much more to do. Which the pictures show l0l. I have to finish making a few more of the solid black squares. Then I will crochet them all together, then I have to do alternating single and double crochet for 3 or 4 inches all the way around the edge. I think it will be like 70 hours at least put into it.. but it is all worth it for my amazing hubby <3 
this is single crochet, I will do to all the squares to connect them all together..

All the different squares that are in the blanket. The DARK camo is gonna be the boarder,
with the other 3 in a checker board patter ...

All the squares that I have done so far.. THIS IS 36 hours of works so far... 

I have school stuff to work on as well, plus I want to make stuff for our son. Then Thank you cards for my showers, Christmas cards, christmas gifts to buy and make, stuff for the unit my hubby is at, and my list goes on and on l0l.

Oh I also am 28weeks <3 I went to my dr and I have to meet with a nutritionist.. iffy thoughts on that.
I was on bed rest this month and I am off it now. But due to bed rest I gained 10 pounds this month.. where as I am only to gain 1-2 pounds a week so 4-8pounds a month. So we are back to helping me with eating better.. even tho Ieat fruits and veggies like crazy :( but I am not working out as much, since when I do I get the BH contractions. NOT GOOD AT ALL! Below are pics, so you can see the difference in my baby belly from beginning to now..
5 weeks prego..

28 weeks prego :) 

Well, that is all for now. I am gonna jump back to finish the solid black squares tonight. So tomorrow after I clean and make appts and what not I am figured out the exact checker board pattern I will do and I can connect them all together and start on the edging.

These are pictures Thomas mom took for us... What do you think?


  1. Your blanket looks fabulous. I'm sorry I don't have any tips ongrowing out your nails. I always have acrylics on.

  2. I love your update! As for the nails, I have this amazing strengthener from Avon that works wonders. Also, Sally Hansen has one. Its just a clear polish like thing.
    The blanket squares are amazing!
    Don't concentrate so much on the weight factor. They sent me to a nutritionist with both of mine. I ate as healthy as could be when I was pregnant with Zani and I did great up until 6.5 months, then out of nowhere, the weight just piled on. I believe that your body is going to do its own thing. I even did 2 hours of workout while I was pregnant- right up until the day I had her. I still gained 60 lbs. I know it is concerning (and the docs seem to stress over it) but both of my babies were big.. 9lbs 2oz 21 3/4 in and 8 lbs 3 oz 20 3/4 in.
    Love ya girl!

  3. I love the pics from your shower so cute you & your MIL :)
    OMG your belly is growing you look so cute girly!!
    I wish i could learn to crochet i want to make a blanket!!

  4. Those pictures are SO cute.. I love the dogtags hanging over the belly :) Good luck on your blankets.. they look amazing!


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