Sunday, December 12, 2010

As Promised.. PICTURE UPDATE!!!

Here are the pictures that I promised... plus some extra :) ENJOY!!

My adorable kitten under our Christmas Tree:

 Our First Ever Christmas Tree. We still have to string popcorn tho. What do you think so far? Even my pretty wrapping of my husband's gifts, well most of them.:

Magazine Trees my friend Lyssa & I did. What do you think?:

Up close, see the glitter.. what ya think? :

Awesome Lyssa trying to clean her hands after making the trees:

Christmas Cards.. HOMEMADE!! The trees are thumb prints.. one for each member of our family. My Hubby, Me, & Our son :) :

Inside of the card. Yes we added personal writing to it. Our pic is removable & says: Season's Greetings from the Akin's. The greeting is: May your family enjoy a special season filled with love joy & peace. 

one of the ornaments I made for the ornament exchange:

8 Rows done on my hubby's deployment blanket: 

9 Rows that are left to connect: 

What is all looks like together. All of this in this pictures is 96 hours of work & 25 mins. I have to finish connecting the last 9 rows.. then the edging. What do you think so far tho? 
Well that is all for now. What do you guys think of all my busyness? 
What did you all do this weekend? 


  1. I LOVE the magazine trees. I have so many magazines sitting around taking up space, such a great idea.
    And the Christmas cards are adorable! You are on a roll!!

  2. Your kitten is soooo cute! And I love the magazine trees. Great job on your crafting!

  3. you're so crafty always! i love everything!

  4. We used to make those magazine trees when we were little!!

    The blanket looks awesome! I wish I could get back into crocheting


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