Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Challenge Day 5 & New Hair cut & Style

Day 5: Something you hope to do in your life.
Honestly, there is many things that I hope to do in my life. I hope to become a nurse. I hope to have 4 kids, with at least one girl in that mix.  I hope to have horses one day and ride again. I hope to grow old with my amazing husband. I hope to stay a close family and keep my friends no matter where time leads us. 

Okay now... I have been in a "slump" for a few days, which is partly because I have been getting very little sleep and cannot get comfortable.. Ahh beauty of pregnancy tho right. Well the slump and no sleep has caused me to fight a severe depression. So today my husband comes home and basically kicks me out of the house tells me to go get my hair styled and cut. I have been wanting to get it done and needed it done. I do not do it very often b.c I would rather spend the money on other stuff to do with my hubby or whatever. He also told me to go shopping. Which I did. Got a new cut and style and I got some stuff to make our ugly sweaters for the ugly sweater party this Saturday. I feel better for most part. I am not so down in a slump as I have been. I got some energy back. My hubby loves my cut and style says how beautiful I look.  So tell me what you guys think of it


  1. Loving the hair cut! I need to get mine cut soooo bad!

  2. Super cute hair cut. And good job to your husband, sometimes we just need a kick start to get out of the house and out of a rut.

  3. haha, totally reminds me of my husband. When he needs to cheer me up, he takes me shopping. Men really know the way to a girls heart don't they? Great hair style


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