Saturday, December 11, 2010

Game Night!!!! :D & 30 Day Challenge.

Yesterday was my 32 weeks check up :) Awesome right? l0l.. Well we did talk about and set my inducement date. It is January 27th, 2011. Which is 46 days!!!!!!!!!!! We are so excited!!! :D Now I am nesting HORRIBLY, so driving my husband crazy. :( So I am choosing to stay focused on the exciting factor of 46 days and hopefully our perfect lil boy will FINALLY be here. If I do not, then I will stress that I have ONLY 47 days to get everything done..which is a long and seems to be growing list.  Oh that reminds me, I am a first time Mommy. Yes I have 7 years of childcare experience so I am not totally out of the loop here but if there is ANY advice or whatever that YOU MOMS are willing to give or share with me I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE it PLEASE & Thank you!!! Okay so tonight was our first GAME NIGHT! It was a lot of fun! We played Phase 10 for like exactly 4 hours. Yeah...long game. We are defiantly gonna have another game night. Our friend want to put UNO & Phase 10 together l0l. So we are gonna have to try that. C'mon you gotta admit that it sounds very interesting to try & fun. Big Thanks to Jen for bringing awesome muffins. 
The Mocha Cream Cheese muffins 

Oatmeal Muffins 

Yummy chocolate chip muffins 

From Left to Right: Brian, Me, Thomas (My husband)

Lyssa & Brian

Me Laughing at Jen taking a picture of Thomas' butt. 

Ok so TOMORROW IS THE DAY THAT I AM POSTING PICTURES! I might post some from game night tonight.. but tomorrow I am posting pictures of the christmas cards I have been talking bout and you guys have been asking to see & Last night Lyssa and I made a craft that I saw from one of your blogs.. so I will post pictures of that. So please check back tomorrow to see the blog. I really am excited to hear feedback on the Christmas Cards and the other craft we tried. I am also gonna post update pictures on my husband's deployment blanket that I have been working on. So far it is 97hours & 25mins put into it. Well that is all for now. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! 


Day 1: Something you hate about yourself.
Okay so hate is a VERY strong word. It is not one that I will use easily.. so this one is kinda hard. I guess something that I STRONGLY DISLIKE and can say I CURRENTLY hate is my OCD or better yet CDO. See now it is in correct order. I love my friends & amazing Hubby, but they have been currently teasing me about have OCD. I know they do not mean harm, it is all in fun so no worries. I have gotten better at it, yes I used to be a lot worse guys! :] So yea that is my current hatred about myself. 
So now I leave you with the question: What is something you hate about yourself? If you are doing this challenge then tell me and I will come and check it out! :D 

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. 
What is everyone doing on this awesome December Weekend?


  1. Lauren, you might want to take down the picture of Lyssa, she really hates it. :/
    But thank you so much for hostessing a wonderful game night!! And thank Thomas for letting the kids play on his game console, Christopher had a blast (and I'm sure Lyssa's kids did, too, but I didn't ask them LOL). It was great to meet your friends. I wish Tom could have stayed longer so I could have gotten to know him better, but Brian was a worthy opponent! Okay, so Brian won. Whatever. ;)
    Also, that song is going through my head, and I blame YOU! (*ding!*)

  2. My best mommy advice: Make mommy friends!

    Get involved in a group where you can be yourself, share your joys and failures and connect with other moms.

    I personally love MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) for moms of kids from birth through Kindergarten. They even have Military MOPS groups at some installations. You can search for a local group at
    Congratulations and I will be waiting to see pictures of your new little one!

    Athena (aka mama2six)

  3. I bet you're excited for the days to go down. I hope things go well.


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