Sunday, March 6, 2011

I AM BACK!! :D Labor Story....& Catch up

Good Evening Everyone!!

Boy have I missed ya'll! I really do apologize for being MIA for so long.
I am finally getting back into the swing of things. Let's catch up..

January 31st I went into labor.. I started having contractions ar 7am. I went to the dr at 7:30 to get my membranes scraped and my cervix stretched. At that time I was 2cm dilated. I had steady contractions all day long. I was determined to wait it out as long as I could so I would be dilated more and not play the go in and get sent home game. So naturally I went shopping for a new couch L0l! Seriously I did. Which it was funny b/c I got excellent service since I was in labor. Well at 10pm I got forced by my hubby and my friend Lyssa to go in to Labor and Delivery. Which when L&D checked me I was barely 3cm dilated. I was like are you flipping kidding me. I then got told to walk around the hospital for 2 hrs. I made it a hour and a half of walking off and on before I gave up. Which I gave up bc I was vomiting and I was in so much pain I couldn't walk. When I went back up stairs they checked me and well I did not get told how dilated I was but he looked at me and said well your staying and having a baby. I walked literally across the hall to my room. The lady was waiting to give me my epidural and then my dr showed up. Told me he was gonna break my water and it would be time to push. Sad thing was my baby started having his heart rate drop. NO IDEA WHY! So they said we had to get him out now. Scared me to DEATH! I could not feel anything tho to push b.c it was happening so FAST that my epidural was working to well. So we got it to where I could feel some pressure to push. Then after 45 min of pushing MY son was born at 3:16 AM on Feb. 1st 2011!!!! Oh and we then found out why his heart rate was dropping. The cord was wrapped about his entire body..tightly. But he was perfectly fine. He was 21 inches long and 8 pounds 3 ounces. Head full of hair and blue eyes. He has a birthmark on his right shin. He is perfect! He is advanced too and a excellent baby! He hardly ever cries. Like if he is naked or gets put in the car seat  he cries l0l. He never cries for food or diaper change. He fuses at most. His dr says he is VERY alert since Day 2. He started holding his head up at day 4. He also started rolling over to his sides at Day 4. He is now a month old. Will be 5 week on Tuesday. Weare very blessed!! Here are some pictures. So see more check out my facebook!


  1. He is SO BEAUTIFUL. Congrats to you both!

  2. Congrats on the birth of your little man! He is precious!

  3. He is gorgeous congrats to both you & daddy for making such a beautiful baby boy.

  4. He is precious!

  5. Congrats! He is so beautiful! My sons heart rate dropped significantly during labor because when my water broke (his cushion) he was pissed off! So I had a scare too. So glad he is here perfectly safe and healthy!


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