Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wonderful Day!!

So today was one of the most awesome fun days. I finally felt like my old self. I have 3 of my girls come over today. We were supposed to craft.. but instead we just hung out and talked. It was a lot of fun. We had my son, Jackie's lil girl, Abbi that is 5, almost 6 months old. Then Corrine's lil girl that is 2. We played and then since it was actually sunny out we went for  walk to the park. It was so much fun!! Here are some pictures and the link to my you tube page.. I posted videos from today too :) Check them out!! I can't believe he is 7 weeks old!!! WOW!!!  :)


I'm excited to stay busy like today. I see how much better I do. I have been having some issues with my depression again. But I think I am finally coming out of it. YAY!!! 

I LOVE you guys by the way!! Ya'll are amazing!!! <3 THANK YOU!!! BIG HUGS!!


  1. So cute!! I found that if I set tasks for the day to keep me busy I didn't have time to let the blues get to me. It can be hard to fight it off, but hopefully more sunshine can help!

  2. Hi There! I found your blog from "Many Waters." We're PCS'ing to Ft. Lewis in August! I look forward to learning about you and the area :0


  3. What a cutie! Thanks for stopping by. Following back!


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