Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm a Mommy!! WOW

I still can't believe that I am a mom!! My entire life I have always loved kids and wanted to be a mom. Now I am and I can't believe it. Each day I fall in love with my son all over. He is a master at stealing my heart. :)
My life feels complete having my amazing hubby and our perfect beautiful son. I can't believe he is 7 weeks today. Where has all the time gone.
Sorry that I have not been writing as much since he arrived. I am still figuring out the balancing act of a mom. We are trying to get him on a routine and to sleep in his crib during the day. He is almost to big for his bassinet. So if ya'll have any advice or suggestions please tell me :)
Also I am trying to get over this weird boob thing I have :( I have one that produces GREAT and FAST but my other is like ehh on producing milk. Like I pump now so he gets atleast one bottle a day.. usually at night. It also give me a break and my hubby gets bonding time. Well when I pumped I got 6oz on the one that is great and 1.5 on the not so great one. Its annoying. and its not even like my boobs match..they are totally different sizes. I hate it! I have ocd so I am like they are not even.. but I can't fix it. :(

Military roller coaster going on lately too. So my hubby's deployment got moved to April 6th.. aka our wedding anniversary.. I was devastated How could I be okay with telling my hubby see ya later for a year deployment on our wedding day. As soon as I am okay with it..they move my hubby. So now he is not deploying next month or any time soon. They have him at the battalion and later said they are putting him with 787th and he will deploy with them. I am so glad that he is not going. He will be here for our son right now. But I must vent and say that I am so sick of the army doing this crap to us.

And currently a lil stressed with the whole : Military might not get paid crap going around. I was not worried bout it til yesterday when they had a briefing at my hubby's work about it. They said that it could very well happen some time. That they will get paid with back pay if it does but even if they do not get paid they have to still come in to work and etc...
UGHHH I hope this does not happen. I hate to say any type of politics but I am not a obama fan and all I know is that this crap rumors or scare whatever NEVER happened before he was in office!!

Here is another cute video of my son!


  1. This is SO sweet!! I love reading about you being a new mom because it makes me so excited! Your baby is so handsome!! (:

  2. He is so cute!! Congratulations! Being a mommy is so fun!!



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