Sunday, January 30, 2011

Help anyone?

So my yahoo account was hacked once again. This happened in October and now again yesterday. I am so done with yahoo. Everything was on that account and now I have to basically start all over b/c I can't just change the info on all my stuff b/c I can't sign in and verify the change. This included my comments and stuff with blogger :( I am guessing my only option to keep my blog is to make a new one.. I hate this and I do not want to stop blogging or loose any of my followers as well as the blog I follow :(
But I did not make this blog layout, it was made for me for free. With our baby on the way I can't afford to pay someone to make a blog for me. Is there anyone willing to make me a awesome blog for free?
If you are I can't email back through comments unless you leave me a email for me to contact you at.
Or u message me through Facebook. My page for fb is on the side of my blog.
Well off to 1. find a new email that is not yahoo
2. Try to get this baby out


  1. you can keep your blog layout if you want! just go to "design" then "edit html" and click on "save template" then when you create another one, you can load it in the same place!

  2. Ah sorry hun! My friends account keeps getting hacked too {not sure if he has Yahoo or not though}. Good luck with the new email and blog!


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