Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sorry this is a long post...

So I want to apologize for being MIA for the last few weeks. I have been getting on here to read everyone's blogs.. so I have been keeping up with your lives at least...just not posting on my end. It has been rough this last few weeks. I have been on a roller coaster. I want to Thank you all for not deserting me during that time. Love all my readers! :)

Christmas was good for us. It was a small and very laid back Christmas. Hubby and I had our Christmas here at home, it was very nice. We realized that this is the last Christmas that it will be just me and him. As well as, our last holidays that are sleeping in, relaxing and not so stressful. All due to the face that our first born will be here next holidays and we want 4 kids so it will get more crazy from kids, family, traveling to see others etc. :) But we are looking forward to it all. Well anyways, my hubby got me a keurig coffee maker for Christmas, this was my big gift & I was UTTERLY shocked that he actually bought it for me. I also got a EOD Family cookbook, & the game TABOO, this is my FAVORITE game to play, & he got me Despicable Me. I got him a Beer Making Kit, a anarchist cookbook, I made him a frame & I got him a awesome box that I decorated the inside. As well as I finished and gave him the deployment blanket I have been working. Which you guys know from my posts and pictures about it all. :) After we had our Christmas we went to our friend Lyssa's house for dinner and gift exchange. Which i posted pictures below of things that I helped the kids with for thier mom. I made a pillow (my hubby helped as well when my sewing machine was being mean to me). The pillow fabric is I LOVE MOM and then each kid has their hand print sewn to the pillow.The girls painted a plaque for her as well. Then we had a awesome fun game night. :) My hubby got drunk which was interested l0l. But it was a great and different Christmas. Here are some pictures. If you want to see more, they are post on my fb which the link is on my blog. 
Lyssa's pillow form her kids. Thomas & I sewn.

Her girls painted this when I was watching them for their mom.

Thomas & I playing taboo

SOME of the cookies we made. Thomas' first time baking :)

Our MINI gingerbread houses l0l

Christmas Eve Pancakes!! Love family tradition

The picture frame I made for my hubby

The Cookbook He got me :)

His BIG gift this year..

Me shocked that he got this for me

The inside of the box I got him. I decorated it

Thomas & Lillee, she was so sleepy but she loves her thomas.

Thomas & Lyssa playing Taboo
Okay so now on his deployment blanket. YES I FINALLY FINISHED!!! :) Are you ready to see it? 
This is 128 hours and 25 min. of work. :) Are you sure your ready to FINALLY see the FINISHED product? Remember this is over 6ft LONG/TALL...
Okay okay here it is:
All Finished!! What do you think?

My hubby being silly...

He was VERY happy with out it turned out & that I was finally done

Not even 5 min after I finished he was using it l0l

Well That pretty much catches everyone up for our holidays. New Years I went shopping with Lyssa and her 2 girls. Then had dinner with Thomas, Lyssa, & her 3 kids. Then came home and went to bed off & one til 1am before I was finally able to pass out.  It was a long New Years Eve Day/Night. And Today Jan 1st 2011 is full of relaxing and trying to get some strength back l0l. I have more that I want to write about, 2010 highlights. What is coming up for us :) which is VERY exciting. But I will wait. I know this is a LONG post already. So keep a eye out. I am finally out of my slump of depression and able and wanting to write again. :) Thank God! I could not take much more of my emotional roller coaster and breakdowns. I am very blessed that I have had my hubby and friends and family here to help me through it all. As well as My followers and other bloggers. Reading your posts (even tho I have not been posting) helped me out a lot. So Thank you!

Happy New Year Everyone!!! :)

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  1. Good to hear you had a Happy Christmas! Blanket looks awesome.


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