Sunday, January 23, 2011

Short & Sweet.. but EXCITING!!!

Hello Lovies!

So I wanted to give you guys a update. I am super busy so not a lot of time to blog right now. Well I went to the dr on Friday.. he scraped my membranes but I was only 1cm dilated. I have to be 4cm to be induced or admited to the hospital. Right now I can't get back into the dr til this coming Friday. I plan on calling every day til then to see if I can get in before tho. It is for a 5min appointment for more scraping done and to see if I am dilated more. Since Friday I have been doing MANY "wise tales" to help things along. I hope they are working. Just after seeing the dr I lost my "mucas plug" and I have been having contractions. Some painful and  some are not. I have had "prodomal" or "false" labor 2 times. Which was where my contractions were 3min or less apart, very painful, to point I was getting teary eyed. But when I said okay I give in I am going to the hospital, they completely stopped. So our lil boy likes to "monkey around" and play games. I use monkey since his theme is Safari. :) Anyways, I am very impatient. So the only myth or wise tale I have not tried is Caster Oil. I bought some. But I am waiting a few days before I give in and try that.

Well Hope everyone is doing well and safe!

Please pray or whatever you do that he comes out soon. We really want him to be born before Jan 31st.


  1. Fingers crossed that he decides to grace us with his presence soon :D

  2. aww I hope he comes out soon!! yay!!

  3. Good luck!! I hope everything goes well!!

  4. Good luck! Rosemary tea is also an old wives remedy. It brings on contractions in most women (so they only recommend using it when you're full term, but you are so use away!)


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