Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy Friday!!

Hey Everyone! So Today I went to the dr for my 36 weeks check up!  Can't believe I am FINALLY 36 weeks.  Well all is good. Xavier is healthy, happy, & right on track. I go back in 2 weeks Jan 21st for 38week check up.. hopefully I am able to have my membranes scraped. Then as long as my cervix is able I will be induced Jan 27th. :) My due date is Feb 3rd. So either way not long. But HOPE TO GOD THAT I GET INDUCED!

We have so much going on. We have a BIG stress factor happening right now. Like stress to the point I am having contractions & gettin major headaches & puking. :( In 3 days I have lost 3 pounds. Not good. I can't explain the bad stress factor going on so I ask for your positive thoughts and prayers please.

On other good notes, mostly good anyways our lives are busy! Which is usually why I have not been updating as much. Tuesday I have breastfeeding class. My hubby did not go to training this month, prayer answered. So that is good... he will be here for the birth. My mom is looking at flying up Jan 26th. My dad is gonna follow but closer to we know that our son is here, he is only able to take 9days off from work. So he doesn't wanna come and then I do not have the baby. We also have Thomas dad & his wife and 3 girls coming to visit. They are in our area for a while but only seeing us for like 3 days. Well maybe, bc the days they are here are days that we have plans already.
Look at this craziness:
Jan 11: Breastfeeding class.
Jan 16th: Thomas & I 2 year anniversary on being together. (not yrs married til April)
Jan 21: dr apt
Jan 26: My mom should b here.
Jan 27: if my cervix is able I will be induced.
Feb 3rd: My due Date.
Feb 12: Thomas dad visits
Feb 13: MY dads 50th birthday
Feb 14- <3 Valentine's DAy
Feb 15: My 21st birthday & the day his dad leaves.
And the end of Feb. Thomas mom is supposed to come and visit.
& in March MY friend Michelle might come and visit.
Then April is my hubby's deployment.

(see why I said we are hoping to have time with Thomas dad and all that bc MY dads birthday, valentines day, and my birthday are all in there, which we said to not visit til after my birthday but like what we wanted mattered.) So we hope to spend some time with them. We have plans for vday & my birthday for sure. Plus our new born son plays HUGE part as well.. so we will see how this plays out.

So much happening and mostly good. :)


  1. I'm a new follower and I can't wait to read more!

  2. You have so much going on girl, cant wait till Xavier comes & you share pictures :)
    he's going to be such a cute adorable baby.
    Aww looks like these next few months your going to have so much going on, oh and dont forget I will hav to go visit sometime in June & keep you & baby xavier company.
    Im so happy for you & thomas because you both are going to be amazing loving parents.
    I hope things get better soon & you dont stress much girl & just remember im here for you always!! love you lauren


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